Tube Fly Tying Tools
Tube flies really do catch fish. They are much more versatile than conventional flies on hooks, and offer you plenty of room for creating brand new patterns. We still fish tiny flies on hooks, but for most fishing, whether in fresh, salt, warm or cold, more and more anglers are fishing flies tied on tubes.

Starter Tube Tool
Works in any vise that holds 2/0 hooks. Tool body precision built of stainless steel with brass fittings. Includes 2 stainless steel pins (.041" and .062" dia.) that fit all HMH tubes.

Starter Tube Tool 24.95 

Premium Tube Fly Tool, click for enlarged view Premium Tube Tool
Same tool body as Starter Tool, but with two machined, tapered mandrels, .041" and .062" dia. Includes tool body, premium mandrels that fit all HMH tubes.

Premium Tube Tool 44.95 


HMH Tube Vise Converter
The Tube Vise Converter will easily convert your HMH vise with screw-in / screw-out jaws to an in-line rotary tube vise. It offers a whole new way to hold tubes by chucking them directly in the steel jaws. Mount tubes tubes with or without junction tubing installed; with or without pins/mandrels. The sleeker design lets you take full advantage of the in-line rotary ability, and makes it easier to get materials on top, bottom, and sides of the pattern unencumbered by the tool holding the tube. Comes with two premium mandrels, sample tubes, and tube fly hook samples.

Tube Vise Converter 64.95 

HMH Mandrels and Pins

Premium 2-Mandrel Set (.041 and .062)
Medium Premium Mandrel .041
Large Premium Mandrel .062
HMH Starter Pin Set .031, .041 & .062
HMH Starter Pin .031

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