Tube Demos

Mounting tubes in the HMH Tube Tool
Plastic tubes can be mounted with pin or mandrel and pressed against knife edge on tube tool to prevent spinning (top picture). Or, all tubes can be mounted within the eye of the tube tool, with or without pins or mandrel (bottom picture).

Please see our HMH Video Page to learn more about tying tubes on our Tube Vises and Tube Tools.

"HMH Tube Fly Guide"

Tube Fly Advantages

HMH tubes nest easily to tie any tube pattern.

  • Conventional or "Bottle Style"
  • Floating or Weighted

A-C   Tie "Bottle Style" tube flies on aluminum or copper, with or without extra weight. Metal Jackets with Micro tubing inserts.

D   Semi-Flex 1/8" OD plastic tube with Micro tube insert; uses standard coneheads or beads. Bottle Style option.

E   Rigid 1/8" OD plastic Cut-To-Length tube with rigid 3/32" cut to length tube insert. Accepts HMH Medium Custom Conehead.

F-G   Hybrid Tubing: Small (left) nests with Micro or thick-walled Micro tubing. Large (right) nests with 3/32" Cut-To-Length tubing.

H   Micro Tube, accepts most standard cones/beads if desired.

I   3/32" OD Rigid Cut-To-Length. Accepts HMH Medium Custom cones.

J   1/8" OD Rigid Cut-To-Length. Accepts HMH Large Custom cones.

How to nest HMH plastic tubes
(video coming soon)
When nesting HMH tubes there is no need for glue. Simply insert smaller tube within the larger tube leaving the smaller tube exposed at both ends of the larger diameter tube. Melt back a small nipple of plastic on the tip of the exposed smaller tube (rear of fly) using a lighter. Once cooled, pull the small tube (nipple end) inside the larger diameter tube. The nipple should be seated approximately 1/4" to 3/8" inside the larger tube (rear of fly).

Cutting a point on the front of the larger tube (see image below) will help to taper your tying surface as well as allow the thread to further bind the two tubes together.
tube fly boxes, click for enlarged view
Mount nested tubes for tying with pins or mandrels (.041 for standard HMH Micro Tubing or .031 for thick wall HMH Micro Tubing) within the eye of the tube tool (as shown upper left) or in the chuck of the Spinner, Tube Vise Converter or Premium Tube Vise.

High Performance tying without the clutter.

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