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KR Linetender

A stripping basket just doesn't make any sense unless its functional. The sad thing is there are more and more 'baskets' out there that try to improve on a good idea by adding gimmicks or doo-dads that may look nice, but really don't do much to help you cast.  

  • Big enough to strip line into easily without being so big its in the way; 
  • Has a flat bottom so line doesn't pile up on itself; thus minimizing tangles at the first stripping guide;  
  • Deep enough so line doesn't blow out or fall out, but not so deep that you lose precious feet off your cast because the line has to make its way out of a deep, narrow hole;
  • Mesh bottom to drain water, to accept Line Shooters, and to allow you tosee where you are going
In short, it's the KR LineTender.  You see, the LineTender isn't just a stripping basket - its actually a shooting basket.  It holds your line conveniently and out of the way of your feet, boat cleats, rushing water or crashing waves, and then lets the line SHOOOOOOT out on your forward cast, which is perfectly timed and aimed to intercept that fish of a lifetime you've been stalking for two hours.  

Big when you need it, and small when you don't.  Portable because it packs away quickly and easily.  A front pocket for tippets, leaders and other essential small items.
KR Linetender: $49.95 


KR LineShooters
A pair of plastic plates each with 3 height-adjustable mono loops. Special feet on each plate allow you position the Shooters wherever they work best for you.  The Shooters help eliminate tangles that occur on the shoot, especially in small, deep loose baskets.
KR LineShooters: $11.95 per pair 

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