Micro Jaw
Shown with #24


Omni Jaw
Shown with #12


Magnum Jaw
Shown with 6/0

HMH Interchangeable Jaws

Jaws are arguably the most important part of a vise. Our jaws are through-hardened tool steel so they will hold hooks well for years and years. The shape and profile of all three jaw styles are carefully designed to optimize access to any hook design for effortless tying. All jaws are guaranteed for life.


  • Through-hardended chrome-moly tool steel
  • Best access to any hook
  • Change jaws without tools in seconds
  • 35+ years of proven dependability
  • Guaranteed for Life

HMH Micro Jaw #32 to #18:

HMH Omni Jaw #20 to 2/0:

HMH Magnum Jaw #10 to #6/0+:

NEW Video. Overview of the three jaw types that HMH offers, when to use each jaw and how to properly mount hooks in each. HMH Vise Jaw Options Video

FAQs About Jaws:

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