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Steelhead Guide
Steelhead Guide, Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead By John Nagy (updated and expanded 4th edition)

John Nagy's Steelhead Guide has long been considered the bible for steelheader's "chasing" chrome on Lake Erie's tributary streams as well as very useful to steelhead fisherman in other areas of the Great Lakes. The new 4th edition has been expanded from 257 to 320 pages (including color insert) with 119 new and innovative steelhead fly patterns (replacing all previous 3rd edition patterns) contributed by guides, fly tyers and steelhead fly fisherman from all over the Lake Erie region (44 tyers total). In addition to steelhead egg patterns, nymphs, soft hackles, streamers, wooly buggers, sculpins, leeches and spey flies, 28 hot tube flies (both conventional and Scandinavian tube designs) are also included.

Steelhead Flies - Tying Classics by Dec Hogan and Marty Howard DVD
Steelhead flies are perhaps the most beautiful and alluring in all of angling. Mastering the skills to tie them to perfection is a rewarding challenge that is easily attainable. In this program veteran steelheaders and fly tying instructors Dec Hogan (tying on an HMH Standard by the way) and Marty Howard take you through a step by step process on how to create classic steelhead flies that you can admire and fish with confidence. The carefully chosen patterns and techniques that Dec and Marty demonstrate will provide you with the knowledge and skill necessary to tie an infinite number of patterns and styles. Speys, Dees, wets, dries, marabous, muddlers, and prawns, its all in here and more! Spectacular river footage along the way helps fuel the passion. The boys even hook a steelhead or two. Running time is just under four hours on two DVDs $29.95 

Tube Flies for Steelhead
Veteran steelheader Rick Kustich gives excellent instruction on tying new and innovative steelhead patterns effective for both Northwest and Great Lakes
fisheries. $21.95 

Tube Flies Two - Evolution by M. Mandell and B. Kenly
Even better look at newest innovations in tube flies from tyers from all over the world. Invaluable for the tube fly tyer.

Concise Handbook of Fly Tying by Skip Morris
This is the ideal handbook for beginners. Included are clear, concise details and instructions on the necessary tools, materials, hooks and tying techniques. Full color with easy to follow illustrations. Several popular fly patterns also included. Softbound (5 x 8) - 32 pages. $8.95 

Spey to Z
Spey to Z introduces anglers to spey casting, the fastest-growing segment of the fly-fishing industry. Learn why, and how, this technique provides any fly fisher with tools to tackle the most challenging fishing situations. 93 minute DVD. $39.95 

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